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Today’s modern, largely digital lifestyle, where the All For Wedding portal exists, carries with it a lot of chasing, worry and stress, and too little time to relax and relax. We live in an extremely turbulent business and social environment, where we are overwhelmed by the multitude of different (often useless) data circulating the virtual world. From the pile of data that is placed on an endless amount of different specialized or informative websites concerning the wedding organization, it is necessary to process the processing to extract information that can be useful to interpret and use. The true value of information is recognized through the dimensions of timeliness, relevance, accuracy and precision and reliability. Highly interpreted data becomes reliable information, that is, resources that offer competitive advantages to individuals and legal entities in modern business. The information has extraordinary value because the information manager can realize some goal, create some new value, or store it for another opportunity. Information rules the world today and is becoming a strategic resource that flows into knowledge that is gaining power globally. The current business world places new demands and challenges on the All For Wedding portal, which seeks to find new and retain old market positions, accept new game rules and adapt its business to new technologies. Accordingly, new demands and challenges also arise for individuals (portal visitors, newlyweds) and service providers (eg halls, bands, photo/video studios, etc.) who eventually adopt novelties quickly and to a greater or lesser extent changing their behavior patterns and shopping habits.

The All For Wedding portal has been active for just under 2 years, and already brings together more than 100 individual providers and over 100 unique visits per day, ie. nearly 3.000 per month, thus continuously achieving linear growth. In order to meet all the above requirements and challenges of the market, the All For Wedding portal must provide the human, time and, above all, financial resources that are insufficient at this time. The portal is currently focused on the area of ​​Split-Dalmatia County where most of the advertised providers come from. The aim of the portal is to expand the target market to the whole of Croatia through the development of a new customizable and optimized website and site and content management system through activities of a website redesign, programming, search engine optimization, project management, and visibility and publicity. Website Redesign All For Wedding through an intuitive, simple, multi-customizable and accessible user interface will provide potential customers with a unique user experience that will intrigue visitors to better search the website, and thus use the products and services displayed more efficiently and effectively. The application of new web technologies will improve the online domain, thereby improving search engine rankings and improving its visibility and online positioning. Implementing a new simple search engine by category and location (city) will make it easier for users across Croatia to access local and all other services in Croatia. Along with the search engine, service providers will be able to view their own price lists, special offers, and discounts, in order to increase their competitiveness and thus allow site visitors to access services at more affordable prices. Each provider would be able to access the entire Croatian market through its own profile on the SZV portal, thus strengthening the brand and increasing its online visibility.

The implementation of the project will improve the appearance of the website through the latest trends in website development, optimize the cost of crafts and set a strong foothold to expand the reach of products and services and modernize the business.

Total project value: 98.750,00 kn
EU co-financing: 74.062,50 kn
Project implementation period: 18.10.2018. – 18.10.2019.

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Petar Varvodić, owner


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