Mmmmmmm… you know where I would recommend you to go!?!?

It is close!! In summer you even have direct flights from Split… if you catch them fast enough, you can pay a return flight with a carry-on for 290 kn only !!

I suggest you spend a week exploring Naples, climbing the slopes of lively Vesuvius and walking the streets of Pompeii, whose past lion has been so beautifully preserved… the beauty you have in front of you …… and absolutely enjoying the wonderful and exuberant Capri…

So let’s goooooo …… what and how ?! 🙂


How to choose transportation and accommodation?

So you can already book flights from June to September 2018 for around € 50 at Easyjet stations.

Starting point: Split ——- Destination: Naples

I absolutely suggest that you rent a small car before the trip or upon arrival at the airport in Naples (WHAT LESS THAT BETTER !!! Believe me a word !!)

Naples people drive crazy… Well, actually, all Italians drive crazy… you have a two-lane rotor 4 cars in it in parallel… They are reorganized from the side streets as if no traffic is going on… Two-way streets look like our one-way… But positive in all this is that the speed of movement is characteristic of the Mediterranean mentality, so here… You can avoid everything. 🙂

Don’t be frightened by this… Rent a car! Without additional insurance, for 5 days it cost us 130 € – approx 1.000 kn, and the possibilities and speed of movement in addition to being able to stop wherever we wanted were a huge advantage. With this price you can also pay additional insurance of € 200, just in case the car happens, but we as real “capable” drivers have taken the risk of not paying.

As an accommodation, I recommend the B&B La Canzanella and Piazzasleep located in the historic center of Naples – the price of accommodation is acceptable and the ratings and reviews, including mine, are truly excellent. For larger groups, I suggest Suite Apartments Angioini near the coast and Castel de Nouvo Castle.

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe, but unfortunately for us, because of the lack of time, it was somehow a transit station… We took a light stroll through the city’s poor neighborhoods, tourist shopping streets, walking through the old historic center and the beautiful Lungomare in Naples… Castel de Nouvo, Piazza del Plebiscito, Royal Palace, Castel dell’These are certainly the sights that you must visit before you get hungry and want to sit in one of the charming Italian restaurants to enjoy one of their most famous and beloved dishes – PIZZA 😀


Pizza comes from Italy, right?

I believe you all know that pizza originated in Italy… but do you know the whole story !?

Interested in how pizzzzzzzzzza came about? Hehehh 🙂

In ancient times, the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians were eating flat buns enriched with various Mediterranean spices, but an important milestone and the beginning of pizza actually happened in the early 16th century when tomatoes arrived in Europe from South America. Tomato was first considered poisonous but forced the famine of Naples to add it to the dough and the resulting pizza came closest to today.

Pizza Napoletana called Queen of Naples has 4 key ingredients:

– Extremely and incredibly delicious Italian San Marzano tomato fields on the slopes of Vesuvius.

– Mozzarella di Buffalo Campana exclusively – mozzarella made from fresh buffalo milk grown in the fields of Campania and Lazio provinces.

– Fresh basil leaves and virgin olive oil set in hours mixed dough with a thickness of 0,4 cm thick with 1 cm edges – all dimensions agreed by European Commission regulations.

Soon the rumor of an interesting Neapolitan specialty spread so much that curious people from the surrounding towns and villages flocked to the city to try this “peasant dish” prepared by the pizza master. Pizzaiolo.

This is a pizza story for you, and you are responsible for creating a sequel by giving it your own gastronomic review 🙂


It’s one thing to travel, another to feel the soul of the city…

If you are interested in art, make sure to visit the Capodimonte Museum, which is next to the Uffizi Museum in Florence, home to a large number of works by artists such as Raphael, Caravaggio, Bellini, Titian… Archeological Museums – one of the most important archeological museums in the world with a large number of artifacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum, the cities destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius A.D. 79.

It was precisely this volcano, still centuries after the living threat to the cities at its foothills, that we set out on a tour of Naples.

I love hiking, conquering peaks and enjoying incredible scenes from the high hills, mountains, and volcanoes… And believe me, the scene from the Vesuvius Crater that last erupted in 1944 is absolutely incredible.

Like the palm of the hand, at the foot of the mighty Mount Vesuvius, stretched the Gulf of Naples, the beautiful Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri, and the remains of the lava-backed Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

From Naples to the entrance to the Vesuvius National Park by car, it will take you about 45 minutes and then it will take you 45 minutes to gently climb the most dangerous European volcano, a mountain lying on the sea of ​​glowing lava. Entrance to the national park is 10 €.

Vesuvius erupted countless times, but by far the most famous eruption occurred in the summer of 79 AD, when it traversed several ancient cities, together with Herculaneum and Pompeii, into a vortex of living lava, mud, and stones.

He warned the Romans of Vesuvius on several occasions with milder earthquakes that their summer destination was in a risky area, and today it is strange to the world that they ignored all the signs and did not interpret them as bad omens, and would go to war based on the position of the inside of the animals. They considered Mount Vesuvius not even doubting its destructive power…

After a violent eruption, toxic hot gas spread through the northwest wind with lightning speed. It is thought that people were either immediately suffocated by toxic gas, passed away from the impact of rocks that had fallen on the city from the eruption or were burned and immediately charred. Vesuvius continued to forcibly eject 1000 degrees Celsius of hot lava, rocks from the crater, and cause tremendous tremors of the soil that ultimately caused the tsunami. Pompeii covered 25 layers of lava and mud, leaving the city embedded in a time capsule until 1748, when excavations began, allowing us to be transported for centuries to the ancient past for centuries.

The second known eruption occurred in 1944 at the end of II. World War II as the Allies exiled German troops.

To get more familiar with where you are going, I suggest a great National Geographic documentary on Pompeii or get ready with a movie Pompeii featuring young and conspicuous Kit Herington.

After Pompeii, we headed across the hill to the Amalfi Coast. The first destination was the beautiful, romantic Ravello. Immediately I tell you – there obligatoryoooooo !! Spend the night.

Oh boy… Beauuuutifuuul Ravello is an absolute place for lovers of architecture, and an ideal destination for true lovers of the arts and culture. Ideal place for dreamers, in love souls, those seeking peace and quiet. The beauty of this paradise located high above the Amalfi Coast is a blend of medieval architecture, aristocratic, luxuriously landscaped gardens and breathtaking views.

We were so sorry that we could no longer enjoy the charm of this small town, Villa Cimbrone, Villa Rufalo, classical music concerts.

Many artists came to this place to find inspiration and inspiration. For the most part, finding it in the “city of music” went hand in hand.

Many cultural events, performances, and concerts are held in Ravelle throughout the year, but it is best known for its summer festival called the Wagner Festival.

The festival is named after a famous German composer who, upon his arrival, remained captivated by the beauty of Villa Rufalo and Ravella, and in part found inspiration for one of his operas.

If you find yourself there during the summer months, make sure you put on one MUST Do LIST one night to enjoy the sounds of famous orchestra groups, choirs, jazz performers, soloists, opera singers, and so on.

In the sounds of the world’s most beautiful tunes. In my opinion, if you are looking for harmony, peace, tranquility, romance, charm and pure relaxing pleasure, this is no more ideal place to settle down on your wedding trip or vacation.

From Ravello we descended to the coast, taking a tour of her pearls: the cities of Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento. All these are small, charming small towns situated on such steep slopes and slopes. The colorful houses and beautiful villas are almost stacked on top of each other, giving both harmony and the impression that they could collapse at any moment. Incredibly! And those facades, the tidiness, the flowers, the details… it’s all kind of… It’s just so wonderful. What am I going to do is wonderful !! You’ll see !!

This story will be continued… Until then, I leave you with the seductive rhythm and sounds of the famous and unforgettable musician of Italian descent, Dean Martin.

That’s Amoreeeeee, Dean Martin

THAT’S AMORE / The End / Marijana Jankovic